Simply Frustrated

I was at a meeting last night, which I was told… “My goodness woman, you should be rolling in the dough.” when I explained exactly what it was that I do.

I honestly do 3 things. I’m pretty good at two of them, and more than adequate at the other. The adequate one is the one I’m working on the most right now. Its easy. The other two are “fun” projects.

It never fails though that when I tell people the 3 things that I do, they will tell me which one I should be concentrating on to make lots of money.

“You know #1 will make you tons of money.”

“Wow, I really could use someone who does #2, you could make a lot of money at that.”

“You do #3?? I have a bunch of friends who need you. Start your own business. You’ll make tons of money.”

It’s really annoying. Mostly since I’m not making any money (ok I’m making some money, but not enough to cover bills) on any of them right now. and that no one seems to agree on which one I should be doing.

Also annoying… I’m not meeting anyone my age when I go out. It might be some kind of mental problem of mine, or maybe the world just really wants me to date someone much much older or much much younger.

Actually the other day I was making fun of this guy who I ran into on OkStupid who keeps trying to connect me with guys I would have babysat in HS. This guy claimed to be 35, but looked and dressed in his pictures as if he was maybe 23. So I complained to Holi that he was lying about his age.

She replied, “Well now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?”

Which I got offended.. Cuz I don’t lie on dating sites. Period. Instead she explained,

“How many times do you bitch about guys writing you off because they think you’re too young for them?”

Holi is really a bitch sometimes. 🙂

I look young. It’s not a conscience effort. I don’t do botox or get face lifts. I honestly have never really worried about wrinkles. (knocking on wood as I type this) I just haven’t aged that much in the last 20 years. In HS, I looked early 20’s, and now I look roughly late 20’s maybe early 30’s. Absolutely no one ever thinks I’m 37, and often look at me like I’ve grown a third head when they do find out. (I also often get asked about my skin care regimen – Oh how do I stay so young?)

So anyway, back to the men I’m meeting. Pierce btw… 11 yrs younger than me. The rocker guy (I’ve not mentioned yet) 11 yrs younger than me. The annoyingly chipper but cute salesman type guy at the bar last night who locked me into an entire 45 minutes of conversation, is 11 yrs younger than me.

The other men I’m meeting are all much older. One I kinda have a crush on, is 49 and won’t give me the time of day because I’m too young (you should see the wrinkly women he does hit on). Others are 48-65. Some are attractive men and some just remind me of creepy old men.

What I really need to find is the German guy from my pool again. I’m a bad judge of age on sexy men with chests of steel, but I guarantee you he was at least my age or older. (Did I mention that I was walking by the pool to get to my car.. I see him through the break in the trees toweling off. He’s dark haired, chiseled, and wet. I can’t stop watching. He’s watching me. I look away finally, he keeps watching me. Then when I look back at him, he waves me over with a come here hand gesture then asks me to join him. If only I wasn’t on my way to a meeting. Damn it.)

Anyone know where to find the 30-40’s men? Or are they all dead?.. er married I mean.


SXSW: First Day

So .. I attended SXSW or as I’ll from now on call it.. GeekWatch 2010. It was wall to wall sexy geeks, plus a few douchebags. Ok, quite a few douchebags, but they were easy to detect and avoid.

I went to SXSW alone as most of my friends here did not go, so it was interesting and self-revealing.

I learned about myself:

1. I’m not good at new places, with new people, if I’m even in the least worried about making a good impression. (if I honestly don’t care what people think, I’m fine, but SXSW is full of potential employers and I don’t want to really piss anyone off)

2. I can only network for a very short amount of time before I start to go insane.

3. I really have no tolerance for uppity, snooty, or otherwise douchebaggy people.

But I get ahead of myself.


After a day of attending panels, I decided to attend a few free parties. I mean its free food and booze, why not? I’m dead tired from panels and chatting with strangers all day (networking), but I go anyway.

On my way to one of the parties, I see a man in a suit sitting on the side of the pavement. He’s looks geeky and cute, has a SXSW badge, and looks amazingly lost.

“Hi, are you lost? Need help finding something?” I ask.

“No, I’m ok. I’m just looking for something to eat. You don’t happen to know Austin?”

“Yeah, I live here.” (I kinda lied. I live in Austin, but I wasn’t that familiar with that part of town.)

“Do you know where there’s a good place for food?”

“Well that depends. What are you in the mood for?” (I get out my iPhone to look stuff up.)

“I could go for a good burger.”

“Well then you need to go to Casino El Camino. Best burgers in town. Trust me.”

He wanted directions, and of course I pulled out my iPhone and showed him the map. We flirted a bit, and he did not seem in a hurry to pull away.

I gave him my card and told him to call me if he needed anything else. I smiled and we headed our separate ways.

I went to the party I’d planned on, and found myself hot and bored. It must have been 90 in that building and stuffy. I left after making a round to look for friends, then headed to Casino. Maybe I could non-chalantly run into Muso (the guy from earlier).

(blah blah blah walking)

I open the door to Casino, and find myself blinded.  It was dark with bright lights and it took me a minute to adjust.  However, in the corner of my eye I see someone waving, and then I hear..


Its Muso.  So much for a casual run in. No excuse of “Oh I just stopped by with a few friends.. who just happen to be in the other room” … nope.. he sees me enter alone.

I suppose I could have pretended to look for some friends in the back, but disoriented by the lights and tired, I wasn’t thinking that straight.

Plus, Muso asked me to sit in the seat next to him and my feet hurt so I did.

We talked for hours. Laughed. Talked about where we were from, the conference, and plans we had next.

He was going to another party, and I was headed home. (The poor dog had been cooped up for way too many hours)

We left and walked together until our ways parted, at which point he said we should keep in touch.  I reminded him that he had my card.  He pulled out his wallet, and my card from his pocket.. and put my card in his wallet.

He said he’d definitely contact me.

I only half believed him, and went home.

Thanksgiving Manservant

I got up early and got the brisket trimmed, sliced and ready. Ran out for some more potatoes. Made pie crust. Peeled, sliced, and prepped 12 granny smith apples for pie. Peeled, diced, and prepped a 3lb bag of potatoes for mashed potatoes.


By the time I actually made it to Gail’s house for Thanksgiving, I was tired and dragging. Not exactly how I wanted to show up, but I put on a smile and did my best to pretend otherwise.  Soon I got my energy back, which of course left again after eating way too much.


Most of the time was waiting for people to arrive, waiting to eat, waiting to finish eating, waiting for dessert, waiting to play a game.  It honestly took me a lot of patience and reminding myself that this was “their” circle and “their” house.. and although I was a guest, I should adhere to their pace.  We started at 3, started eating at 4, and yet it was nearly 8 before we started playing games.


It was a good time though, and they have good choice in friends. I am also extremely impressed with them and I may have to hang out with them more to take notes.


Mary (Gail’s roomate and owner of the house) had all the men pretty much eating out of the palm of her hand. She’s not that attractive. Just average. But she’d say “Do this” and they would. Outside of some fetish relationships, I’ve never witnessed this without sex being some kind of reward. She was not sleeping with any of them, and most of them had women of their own.


Actually, Boggs, the guy I sort of liked from the night before.. I totally want him now. He comes up to Austin every once in a while and just does handyman jobs for her if she needs it. It was freaking cold up here during Thanksgiving, and he put up the lights all around the outside of the house. He helped cook in the kitchen and helped clean up. Anything that needed done, she’d ask him to do it and he would.


Gimme Gimme!!  🙂


Totally want a manservant like that.  I may have to start holding auditions.